City Skylines Teases Tunnel Update

The highly popular City Simulator “Cities: Skylines” has tweeted out a teaser image showing the first shots of its upcoming tunnels update.

Since its launch the game hasn’t received many major updates with the Steam Modding community filling in many of the gaps left by the developers.

This isn’t a bad thing, considering from the beginning the game was designed to have steam mod support.  The mods help to fill in any gaps left by developers while also including features never thought of for the game.

Tho the modding community is doing a lot with the game there are some thing they just can’t do and that’s where updates like this upcoming one are important.

The Update is expected to be released on Steam for free later this week.  No word on how the new tunnels would work or be placed in the game.  But they are a nice sight for many who have been having issues with their traffic in-game.

Lookout for the update later this week.