Shia LaBeouf is Today’s Big Trend

I can’t honestly remember the last time I heard anything about Shia LaBeouf in the news. ┬áBut today he is trending online for a rather intreating reason.

It appears the Transformers star recently volunteered his abilities by performing some simple written content infant of a green screen for the Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London.

The footage was supposed to be used by students to practice their editing, but as all things do in the year 2015 it made its way onto Reddit and took off from there.

The 30 minute long video is full of interesting material but it appears one scene is everyones favorite.

The video above has already reached over 1 Million hits today alone and depicts LaBeouf giving a very inspirational TedTalk.

Many other interesting videos have appeared online created thanks to the footage.