Hexo+ Drone Is your Self Flying Movie Director

Hexo+ made a big splash at CES this year being one of the fe self flying drones.  The secret to Hexo+ is not the drone itself, but the smart phone integration.

Hexo+ one of the top 3 self flying drones coming to market soon.  The key factor that separates Hexo+ from others is the amazing smart phone app that allows you to create a timeline of shots that the drone will capture by itself.


Just setup a number of shots you would like the drone to capture and hit go.   The drone will follow you as you skate, snowboard or jog and grab amazing video thanks to a GoPro gimbal mount.

The Hexo+ is available for pre-order right now on their website for 10% worldwide.  The hope is for the drone to ship to buyers in September 2015.

Check Hexo+ Website for more info.